Monday, July 15, 2013

Man on a mission!

 Colton sure does miss driving the 57, he found a pretty close match. 
 Elder Thomas & Elder Colligan
 On the couch:  Elder Fotofili, Elder Colligan, Elder I can't remember (sorry) and in front Elder Vera.  Yellow chair: You know! 

 Not sure why he didn't pick a tree with a bigger trunk.
 He must have liked this yard decoration to send a picture of it.  Funny!
So I was informed by Colton that some of my post titles (ex. Happiness) are to girly and not manly enough.  So from now on, only comments and titles will appear on this blog that are manly.  Judging from the picture above of him sitting in a kids play structure he should definately send more manly pictures!

All is well with Elder Thomas.  His 3 month training is up so he could possibly get transferred today (7/15/13).  I will keep you posted on his address change if there is one.

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