Monday, July 1, 2013

A letter from the Pres.

Colton's branch President sent out an e-mail with pictures to all the Elders families.  Super thoughtful!  Here are some of his kind words:

"What a wonderful group of missionaries.  They will be future leaders of the church and what leaders they will be.  What wonderful love they have for the people.  They are so willing to assist and serve in any way they can.  We so deeply appreciate how they have been raised and for the testimonies they have.  We love them here and will be sad when they get transferred.  They are doing so well and love the work.  Elder Thomas always has a smile on his face!  I'm sure you love and miss them but we need them here a little while longer."

I love hearing that Colton is happy, his letters express that and obviously it shows on his face!

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