Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year's/ transfer

E-mail dated 12/01/14

"Well, the news is in and I am staying in Sissonville.  Elder Varner is going to Roanoke and is going to be in the YSA ward.  My new companion is going to be Elder Quick.  He has been out for 6 months, I am excited for this transfer.  Well, Stephanie (the lady who is on date) wanted to move her baptism to February so that her family could come and see it.  She said that they are not members and she wants to be able to bear her testimony to them.  She said that when she visited a Baptism and heard the Testimony from the person being Baptized that it was one of the things that converted her,  so she hopes it will have an impact on her family.  It was kinda cool to hear and made me even more excited!  The Brown family had us over for New Year's and ordered some Chinese food and we just hung out for the evening.  Sure do miss and love everyone!"