Thursday, June 6, 2013


You know Colton is happy if he is wearing his much loved romeo's and a black Delta shirt!  Because of the amount of service that they provide Colton requested more work clothes and his beloved shoes.  Life must be good for him.
Here is a part from his e-mail dated 6/5/13:
"So far no new investigators this week, we still meet with Amos regularly.  Kristy has a baptismal date set but won't meet back with us, we don't know why.  So, this week we have done a lot of service, mostly mowing lawns and digging holes.  Moon, who runs the food pantry took us to his cabin in Bandy, it was pretty cool.  He has 30 acres and 2 ponds stocked with trout.  When we went there, he fed us lunch and we did a little service for him.  We are still focusing on finding, so we visited what is known as "snobs knob".  Elder Colligan was calling it the promised land of Richlands.  But we later found out it is mostly Muslims, one lady claimed she didn't know how to open her door."

Keep the letters coming to Colton, he really appreciates feeling connected to family and friends.

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