Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Transfer to Sissionville WV

 Elder Thomas & Elder Varner

E-mail:  11/25/13

"  Well the ward here is a bunch of older people, there is 1 young women and 3 young men.  The chapel that we meet in here is a Stake center, so it is weird to be back in a regular size building.  Just the gym is bigger than any of the buildings I have been in so far.  My new companion is Elder Varner.  He is from Henderson NV, he pretty much lives and breathes football.  The apt. is great,  it is really clean and has a washer and dryer. We have a ping pong table which we are putting to good use by mapping out and organizing the area.  I am still the district leader here and am excited to serve in Sissionville."

E-mail: 12/2/13

Thanksgiving was great!  We spent Thanksgiving with a very nice family, but they are way to fancy for me.  We started off with a salad thing then had some fancy appetizers.  I'm just sitting at the table thinking which fork do I use and wondering how I can organize my food to fit more on my plate for the next trip.  I ate way to much and was ready for a nap afterwards.  The food was great but not as good as home though, that's for sure!   Well we got some snow the first of this week. It has been below freezing this whole week, hopefully we will get more snow! We found a couple new investigators this week, 2 of which seem real promising.  One lady has been coming to church for the past 4 weeks and has already read the Book of mormon.  Her only problem is that her daughter is against the church, but hopefully that will change and we could see a baptism after 6 weeks or so.  We haven't ran into any crazy people lately,  I haven't been yelled at lately and am kinda missing it.  I have been studing alot out of 'Jesus the Christ'  and usually learn somethng awesome everytime I read it.  It is probably my favorite book now, except that James E. Talmage is very smart and I can't understand some of the words so I spend alot of time in the dictionary when I read it.  I studied so much about the Atonement, it was pretty great!"  

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