Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Richlands VA

Colton is still in RichlandsVA and will be until mid July.  These are a few pics he sent this week.  Humble people and humble surroundings is how he describes this little town.  He is still on a bike but was thinking he would get a car this week.  He uses the internet at the library in town which is an old two story house, the computers (which he refers to as 'dinosaurs" because they still have dial up) take forever to receive messages and pictures so if you want to contact him, send him a letter if possible.  The address is in the previous post.  He is referred to by the elderly sisters in the ward as "the farm boy", They always want him to come over to till and plants their gardens.  I imagine he loves doing that!  Our Sunday phone call was wonderful.  He really likes knocking doors but hasn't had much success, hopefully soon. Sunday he had to speak in Sacrament and Elders Quorum then on Tuesday he had to give a talk at zone conference.  He says he is HAPPY and can't believe how fast time is going.  What a blessing!


  1. WOW! Those homes look like they could use Colton on the clean up crew. Very sad that people have to live like that. How awesome that he is able to help in their yards... he won't be out of shape when Mike gets him back! I bet they love him! The roads seem a little treacherous for our little Colty on a bike... hope that car comes through! So glad you posted. We love to see where he is and what he's doing.

    I bet hearing his voice was the best Mother's Day gift EVER!!

    We are so proud of you Colton! Thanks for your awesome example.
    Love you! Aunt Les

  2. Oh my heavens! Dunder Miflin paper...all I have to say is AWESOME! Oh, and your sweet boy looks just like Big Mikey T. There is no doubt what an amazing missionary he is! I love that kid! Love you. Aunt Amy