Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bike wrecks and gravesites

Colton had his first real bike crash this week.  He was a bit sore and had some road rash but as you can tell from the pictures he and the bike are just fine. The best part about it was that they got to talk to a family after it happened so he claimed it was totally worth it! When he called on mother's day he told us that he had broke his watch.  When we asked how it happened he said that he is known as "the wheelie king" and had crashed into a telephone pole.  Why does that not surprise me?  Good news though, he got a car, it is in the picture above (just kidding, that's a lawnmower).  Let's hope he has better luck driving a car.  His branch Pres. (President Lines) invites them over for dinner regularly.  Colton said he lives on 130 acres has a bunch of horses and a saw mill on his property.  Pres. Lines also found the grave of a lady and the cabin she used to live in on his property.  Interesting and creepy huh!  The new church building is finished so no more meetings in the "annex"(double wide).  Darn, I'm going to miss those stories.

P.S.  The self portrait of him with the horse cracks us up!  Hilarious!

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